5 Best Feminist Designs of Graphic Tees for Women

graphic tees for women

The issue of gender equality continues to emerge from time to time. More and more graphic tees for women are asking for this gender equality. Gender equality is often referred to as ‘feminism’ in which women who have felt oppressed by men want to get the same rights and positions. Various ways are done to express the feminism campaign. Even there are many women who openly show that she is a person who supports the feminism.  That is the evidence they show to be known by many people, especially men.

Graphic Tees For Women? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

One of the easiest to show the campaign is by using T-shirts. In t-shirts, there are several graphic tees for women designs that can be made or the writing whose contents are about the appointment of identity as a feminist. Well for those of you who are looking for T-shirts with feminist design, here are some design options that are popular and widely used today:


1# Everyone Should be A Feminist

In the first design, there is a write-up that everyone should actually be a feminist. Perhaps the meaning is all women, but because it is intended that all people are aware including the men, then used the term ‘everyone’. If you are a person who thinks and thinks that feminist should be owned by everyone, then the t-shirt can be the right choice for you to buy and use.

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2# We Should All be Feminists

If before is using the word ‘everyone’, then the second uses ‘we’. Both are almost the same that reveals that everyone must be feminist. In this way, this is more of a subtle calling that everyone would understand the feminist concept. The word ‘we’ if said by a woman, then of course the invitation is directed to the women as well.


3# Feminism Include All Genders, Races and Sexualities

Then in the design of this one, the words that exist is a form of description that shows about the scope of feminist. It is said that the feminist does not include one thing only gender, but includes many other things like races and sexuality. It becomes the knowledge that is campaigned as what best fits what most cook. You can buy it one if you believe to the quotes and want to show it to the people.


4# Angry Feminist

Well the next thing is very good is the design of this one is ‘angry feminist’. It seems to indicate that the shirt user is a feminist who was angry. If you feel angry, then it’s good to use this shirt as the most reliable part of the future. However, anyone can actually use this t-shirt even though you are not actually angry.


5# Wild Feminist

In addition to using angry feminist, you can also use clothes with the design of ‘wild feminist’. You can already guess what is meant by the writing that is the nature of ‘wild’ which shows that the user of the shirt is a wild. If you feel a wild feminist, then it would be great if you try to do something worthwhile.

How To Find A Graphic Tees For Women Who Cares For You More Than Money

graphic tees for women

Well that’s actually some t-shirt design options that will be very well suited to be considered in fact. If you really want to get a good product quality t-shirts, it is best if you selectively in choosing the shirt seller. Now can be very easy to do that is to pay attention to the reputation of the seller for making your shopping to be safe. If you want to be safe in buying the above graphic tees for women, it’s good if you buy from Eparizi.com that has been proved as trusted seller.

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